$4 H&M Style Steals






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There’s a cute lil ladybug on my earrings….


It’s more visible here…









H&M is having a $4 sale in honor of Independence Day! I bought a ton of cute pieces in preparation for my summer travel plans >.< I got this gorgeous zebra crop top for $4 and layered it over a white crop top that’s $2.95! My high waisted shorts are from Korea from a little shop near Hongik University ($10). I suffer from disproportionately long torso syndrome (DLTS), and yes, I just made that up. But, high waisted bottoms are a great way to combat this syndrome and elongate your legs. My seafoam and nude strappy heels are from Bakers ($40). Bakers is one of my favorite footwear retailers because their heels are high quality and extremely comfortable! I never buy anything for full price because my favorite sandals always go on sale, lol.

Gold cuff also worn here, and sunglasses from this post. I got my floral waterfall ladybug earrings from Macy’s (old), it was on sale for $8!


Einstein Hood Extendo







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This Cease and Desist extendo tee by HBA (Hood By Air) was a gift for my hubby. It’s mine now though. I’m a serious Kpop fan and have noticed many of those scrawny individuals sporting HBA attire. Thus, I decided to give it a try, and I love it!!! I’m wearing a layered fringe necklace from Macy’s (old) it was on sale for $8, Chanel necklace was gifted to me by my sis-in-law. Flashy heels are inspired by Giuseppe Zanotti’s fire wing sandals design. Gold illusion tunnel earrings were also worn in my last post. Finished this look with my usual DSquared2 sunglasses.

I found this beautiful Einstein wall art right on my block and stumbled upon this playful quote from the genius,

“imagination is more important than knowledge.”

He had to have been quite the imaginer to derive his infamous energy equation with the mass of a photon as a variable. Which served to support his dual wave-particle theory of light, the photoelectric effect –> his Nobel prize in Physics in 1921!

How does this tie in with my blog post? I don’t know. But, I’m a convoluted person so your fault for reading this far. Aahahaa.



Smooth Sailing Romper






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Shop Nasty Gal

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 7.14.46 PM

This “smooth sailing” romper is a girly breathable one-piece that is perfect for summer! I’m wearing solid gold illusion tunnel earrings but I just discovered these lock horn tunnel earrings from Nasty Gal and I need them, now. Found the white floral bracelet from a J. Crew outlet for $7. I also wear it as a necklace quite easily, (tutorial to come).  Alexander Wang heels from a previous post and embellished glasses also from a previous post. My pearly flower bling ring is from forever21 (old). My belt and synthetic suede fringe purse are from Korea, $10 and $15, respectively.

PS yes my butt is that flat in real life.



Chiffon Off Shoulder Top






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I wore this chiffon off shoulder top in this post and purchased it here but, I have it untucked here to reveal its billowy greatness. It also works great as a bikini cover-up. I bought these D&G distressed shorts (also in this post) two years ago, and they are still one of my favorites! I only take out this Louis Vuitton monogram graffiti tote in the summer time. It’s temperamental and doesn’t blend in with other seasonal attire as well. Multicolored chandelier earrings and metallic gladiators from a lil shop in Vegas (Hottie). Gaudy big ring from a gaudy store in Yiwu shopping district in Zhejiang, China. My mom and I ran around that wholesale market all day stuffing a huge suitcase with accessories at sample prices. I have officially stolen these Dsquared sunglasses from my husband because the polarized lens really prohibit melanocyte hyper stimulation/freckle formation right under  my eyes which I am ecstatic about! Heeheeee. I don’t like my freckles.



Vegan Leather Shorts


I apologize for the strange punani wrinkle




My mom asked me if this was a new bluetooth…

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Queen of the rock, I worked extremely hard to get on that



I had my little sister (Youri) take photos of me today, many thanks. She led me into the back of a mountain with treacherous rocky trails. I almost died.

I’m wearing a fedora from the streets of Korea ($10) my long sleeved tee with patterned cutouts is from a boutique near Ewha Women’s university in Korea (5$)! My clutch is also from Korea ($10). The vegan leather (fancy way to say PLEATHER) shorts are from a little boutique in Vegas called Hottie. My pointy ankle strap velvet wedges are from Amazon ($18), super comfy. Bought my bling (except the coach and wedding rings lol) and snake wrap earrings from China. Sunglasses are from Dsquared (few yrs old).

“Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment.”

Alexander McQueen