That urban grunge

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Today’s outfit showcases my interpretation of the “grunge look.” I consider myself too old to pull off full on grunge, so I urbanized my look by adding chic details — like the tassel earrings and thigh high nylon socks. Aren’t these earrings adorable?! I got them for $4.68 and I love the quality!!!

Black tassel earrings | $4.68

Gold hair cuff | $4.90

Thigh high nylons | $7.98

Black tank | $3.53

Platform lace up ankle boots | $34.62

Don’t you love how most of the interesting items I buy are dirt cheap?! Hahahhaa

The killer spiked out leather cuff was my mom in law’s. She gave it to me because I stared at it with hungry eyes. I bought the oversized olive jacket in Korea. My distressed shorts are Dolce & Gabbana and my tote is from Louis Vuitton. Affordable distressed shorts, similar olive jackets, and my Gucci sunglasses are linked in the slider below.


Harmony in contradiction


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I usually gravitate towards looks that aren’t purely uniform. I think it has something to do with the persistent rebel in me. Hehehe. I enjoy finding harmony in outfits consisting of antithetical pieces. Today’s look, with this girly embroidered floral  A-line dress and these spiky punked out boots is a simple example of how I find harmony in contradiction.

Why am I so poetic today?!? IDK.

Acrylic statement necklace | $7.09 

White dress | $17.38

Spiky (genuine) leather ankle boots | $65.98

These 3 items are from Aliexpress. They’ll take a couple weeks to arrive, but that’s what happens when you buy things from China! I made my very first purchase with them in 2011 and have been shopping there ever since!

Happy Monday!!!


Nude Stockings aren’t Only for Grandmas with Vericose Veins

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I live in Utah and the winters here seem to last forever! Despite the frigid weather conditions, I wear booty shorts, short skirts, and whatever the hell I want, thanks to my extensive supply of nude stockings. hehehe. The exact pair I’m wearing above was purchased from Amazon, in soft beige. It’s very important to buy a pair that resembles your skin tone to a T. I usually steer away from wearing nude pantyhose with open toe heels, but sometimes I falter *shrugs* I just tuck that conspicuous seam under my foot so it’s not visible.

I purchased my ruffly blouse and lace ruffled shorts from Korea. I don’t want to rub it in your face but they were $10 each!!! And, impeccably made.

If any of you ever get to go to Seoul, Korea make sure you stop by the Dongdaemun shopping district. I bought so many beautiful items from the boutique H. Story on the 2nd floor of the Migliore building. I went in the beginning of August and the designer needed to clear up her store to bring in her Fall collection items. She sold me 21 items each at $10. I had the freaking time of my life in there!!!

Gladiator heels aren’t available online but here’s a similar pair from DSW for $24.95.

I wore the handmade croc skin purse in a previous post, also purchased in Korea.

My navy blazer and blush coat were found on Forever 21’s clearance rack!