Confessions of a sunglass hoarder

Fashion Composium - 1b

Fashion Composium - 15b

#restingbitchface, scary, I know.

Fashion Composium - 11b

I believe my affinity for needlessly hoarding sunglasses began during the latter half of my prepubescent years. Fast forward a decade-ish later and here I am, a tenacious medical student, with the same childish tendencies. I buy a pair of designer shades, wear it for a few months, and I either accidentally lose them or never wear them again. There are exceptions to this scenario, i.e. my timeless Pradas, but the truth is most of my designer sunnies become unappealing and useless to me.

Utilizing my innate problem solving abilities (hahaha,) I started using this eyewear rental service called Ditto. I’m wearing the Elizabeth and James “Filmore” here. They have a huge selection of designer sunnies, and you can switch them out whenever you want. The service costs $24/month which includes free shipping both ways! The site also let’s you virtually try on everything. has been kind enough to give my readers their first month FREE with the code: FASHIONCOMPOSIUM

Fashion Composium - 17b

Here are the links to my skirt, earrings, and necklace. My blouse is from Korea, I bought this Dior belt when I was in high school so it’s pretty old, and my shoes are by Alexander Wang.