Crotchless Stockings

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I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! Today I will be sharing with you my latest obsession…crotchless stockings!!! Hahahaa. I love wearing stockings in the winter, but they give me unrelenting wedgies. Crotchless hosiery eliminates the disheartening wedgie issue and should be in every woman’s closet!

Fashion Steals:

Winter Cloche Hat | $9.98 

Fawn Tear Drop Earrings | $1.99

Statement Necklace | $10.98

Wool Coat | $40.00

Turtleneck Crop Top | $6.99

Corduroy Skirt | $11.95

Crotchless Stockings | $1.79

Lace Up Leather Boots | $54.52

My clutch is a Gucci piece and my burgundy gloves are from Korea.

I am closing today’s fashion post with this photo that I will probably regret publishing…but it’s so funny I had to share. This is me attempting to blow snow like all the other sexy bloggers and failing miserably.

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Winter Fur and Wooden Timepieces

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Holding on to the base of a fallen branch…

Fashion Composium - 1b

Hi all! It’s been a while, but I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of 2015! When the snow hits the ground, I bring out my fur *happy dance* If you want to know where I purchased this particular jacket, let me know by commenting below!

Today’s fashion steals:

Leather Pants | $13.80

Leather Fringe Booties | $23.99

 Also, I’m wearing a gorgeous wooden timepiece created by JORD Wood Watches. They have a beautiful collection of these cute little high quality wooden pieces. I’ve had this maple and rose gold watch for almost a month now and I am so in love!!! They also ship for free, worldwide!