Illusion Tunnel Earrings & The Perfect Sneaker Wedge

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 I take full responsibility for introducing the Great Plains to the illusion tunnel earring. hahaha. I’ve been rocking a pretty extensive collection of these statement pieces since a couple years back. I love how they can make a girl look slightly badass without stretching her ears out. It’s imperative that you purchase high quality illusion tunnel earrings. I’ve had several pairs fall off or break apart while I was walking around per usual in a sloth-like manner. This pair has been very good to me though. I love the subtle detail of the metallic finishes, and the pop of color is perfect for spring/summer.

I was drooling over these Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers for 6 months before I finally decided to buy them. Hands down, in the top 10% range of my greatest fashion investments. When you put these on, you just feel cooler than everybody else…Of course some people have commented on how ridiculous they are. But, I am a pretty ridiculous person so no offense taken. It’s a first glance trendy piece that transitions into an investment worthy classic after the first wear. Sneaker wedges of neutral tones exhibit the most versatility and if you’re the adventurous type, embrace those metallic accents!

I’m wearing H&M white floral dress, illusion tunnel earrings ($14.50), Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers, metal hair closure: couldn’t find the exact one I bought but similar here ($2.79), color block cross body purse: from Dongdaemun fashion district in Seoul, Korea ($10).

If you’re looking for a more structured floral piece, here’s another pretty dress from LuLu’s


Eye of The Tiger

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The urban dictionary defines “eye of the tiger” as having complete focus on becoming the best fighter/hunter. This concept has absolutely nothing to do with my outfit post but I thought I should share this with you because it’s the title of my post *snap snap*.

I am wearing the ridiculously ornate Zara statement necklace again. I’m so in love with it. I actually purchased it from ebay a while ago.

The tiger crop top and chiffon maxi skirt are from my most recent trip to Seoul, Korea.

Crystal drop earrings were worn at my wedding 3.5 years ago! I believe I bought them on ebay for like $8 lol.

Acid wash chambray shirt around my waist is old and from Pac Sun (similar here).

Blush car coat is from f21 available here.

Sneaker wedges are from the great Giuseppe Zanotti (available here).

Drool-worthy Gucci tote is a Hawaii Exclusive design and gifted to me by my fabulous mom-in-law.

And, yes…it is the man himself, Nikola Tesla, the remarkable physicist behind me!!!




Zebra Boobed Bargain Hunter

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I have always been a pretty aggressive bargain hunter. It’s in my blood. My mom educated me about this complex trade from a very young age and I continue to flourish. Hahaha.

I came across the Alibaba website, the wholesale version of in 2011, when I was trolling the internet looking for the cheapest online supplier of 200 ostrich feathers. I swear I’m not crazy! It was for my wedding centerpieces…hehehe. And I’ve been a customer ever since!

Overall, I am a very satisfied customer. But, a recurring problem I’ve encountered with this site is that the product I receive differs from what is advertised! This has happened to me only a handful of times and I have made over 150 orders on the site. Take these platform boots I’m wearing above, I eagerly waited 3 weeks in anticipation for the arrival of these amazing platform boots for $25.39 (link here). I received a pair of boots 1.5 in shorter than advertised with a shiny grainy leather and an extremely rounded toe.

I was angry at first. But, they are actually very comfortable and kind of cute. So, I will keep them. I will do a more detailed review of in a later post.

My grey dress is from the Forever 21 clearance rack ($5)!

The Gucci shoulder bag is vintage

The incredible statement necklace is an old Zara piece I got from ebay

Gold hair cuff is available here

I wore the illusion tunnel earrings in last year’s favorite sneaker wedges post

This is my second post wearing this H&M crop top ($4! also worn here)

My leather jacket around my waist is old and from Arden b.

If you haven’t noticed by now I am a sunglass hoarder, I don’t even know how many I own. I also steal all of my husband’s sunglasses who also happens to hoard sunglasses. With our powers combined we have an impressive collection…muahahaa. The ones I’m wearing are Dior, they’re old but here’s a similar pair sold on Amazon.