How to match colors: an outfit guide

It may be a daunting task to introduce bold colors into your wardrobe. Hopefully after reading this post, you will feel at least a little more confident! I’m going to walk you through this using the color wheel. The most basic method of matching colors consists of using complementary colors–the color positioned directly across, aka 180 degrees from your color of interest. For example, in the color wheel below the complementary color of red is blue. This is not the traditional color wheel, where red is complementary with green, but I find it more conducive to fashion because I tend to stray away from looking like a Christmas tree. If possible, complementary colors will be more harmonious if you use colors of the same tone. As you can see, the deepest color tones are located in the outer most part of the color wheel, and the lightest colors are located in the center of the color wheel.


You can get a little more adventurous by using the triadic approach. Which is when you select three colors equidistant from each other. For example, each point in the triangle below are spaced 3 colors apart from each other.

You can also be an even bigger risk taker and use 4 colors with the quadratic approach. Or, you can be like me and just use 3 out of the 4 colors–I’m wearing a yellow top, pink skirt, and a very deep violet bag. As you can see, the equidistant nature of the basic methods I am laying out are not stringent. Drifting a little does not give you a disastrous combination.

All the pieces I’m wearing are old. Only the nude mesh boots linked below are actually the same as what I’m wearing. Sorry! But, here are some pieces I have found to jump start your color matching mission! Hahaha

FYI this post is NOT sponsored by amazon. But, I’ve been buying clothes from amazon recently and have been very satisfied thus far. The links are sponsored–meaning, I may earn a commission if you use my links to buy something. All the earnings go straight to my medical school education, which is actually VERY cringe-worthily expensive–so I appreciate your support!

Also, if you don’t have prime…You’re missing out!


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Let’s talk planners

I have always been obsessed with planners! So I am very excited about publishing my first post dedicated to this topic. I remember buying my first planner when I was in Korea the summer before first grade started. My spelling wasn’t all that great, in fact I distinctly remember writing out the word “so” a lot, but I would spell it as “sow” LOL–despite my literary issues, I made very grand plans in that thing! I wanted to be just like my mom…she always had her Franklin Covey planner on her and was scribbling and doodling in it all the time.

Fast forward a couple decades and I still get giddy every new year when I need to buy a pretty planner!

For 2016-2017 I used the I am very busy hard cover agenda by and I absolutely loved it! Each page (1 side) fits your agenda for a few days and a whole week fits in 2 pages. The space allotted for weekdays are larger than the weekend spaces. And, it comes with stickers, cute doodles, and random funny quotes. It’s on sale right now for $11.98 with free shipping!

I am linking below my favorite 2018 planners below for you all. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

*this is a journal







Also…I cannot live without these pens! They’re the best.

Here are some cute journals I found…for those of you interested!



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Fall lookbook + silver boots

Look #1

Jean Jacket: $38.00

White Lace up romper set: $37.00

Silver Chrome boots: $50.00 (I’m sorry these are sold out everywhere)

Brixton Fiddler cap: $42.00

Look #2

Black lace romper: $27.00

OTK silver sparkle boots: $42.99

Black wool hat: $12.00

This post was published in partnership with don’t forget to check out their amazing selection❤️


My Favorite Season

It’s finally boot season!!! My OTK boot collection is forever growing…hehehe. I’m currently on my neurology rotation, and I’m learning all about the central and peripheral nervous systems. Third year of medical school consists of ~month long rotations in different medical specialties. It’s been way more exciting than the first 2 years!

I want to introduce you guys to a new Handbag brand from China: Angti & Yang

The cute little structured purse I’m wearing (miss boy chain bag) is made from high-quality full grain calf leather. I think a small-sized structured purse is a must-have piece in every woman’s closet!

My top is from Daba Girl (the one I’m wearing is sold out, but I linked an equally interesting piece).

My amazing Aquazzura Corset Cuissard inspired boots are several seasons old, and impossible to find at the moment…sorry!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! And, feel free to check out Angti & Yang’s social media pages:

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Transitioning into Fall with Emu Australia

Fall is approaching! As much as I love summer, I’m so glad it’s starting to cool down. Also, I’m so glad I got these little ankle booties from Emu Australia just in time for the seasonal change. I wore these from 7am-9pm and my feet weren’t hurting at the end of the day. They are so comfortable! I’m wearing the crabtree booties which are made of super soft calf leather and materials built to last (sorry animal lovers).

My DIY neckwear is a lace applique I turned into a choker by adding metal closures and a lot of chains and spikes! hehehe. My cute little striped jumper dress was purchased by my hubby in Korea. I am linking what I can below.

Get my look:

Crabtree wedge ankle booties | $179.95

Cashmere fedora | $23.00

Miss Volare Powder watch | $215

Siammpatra bracelet | $79.00

Asos bralette | $23.00

Striped jumper dress (similar) | $17.00

Black Cardigan | $29.99


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