Eyelash Lace














Eyelash lace detailing always brightens my day! I love the ornate sophistication it adds to an outfit. I decided to pair it with some slick A line T strap sandals, designed by Alexander Wang, to pay homage to the gladiator trend that I’m not ready to part with just yet. And, a handmade crocodile skin purse from Korea like 10 years ago…I watched him make the last bit of it! I kept everything simple and finished this look with Chanel earrings and a pair of trendy sunglasses.



Hi, I’m Youna. Fashion Composium is a personal fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog. This site is my creative outlet: a place to share my undeniably unique fashion sense, potentially helpful lifestyle tips, and top secret beauty practices *wink wink* My aim is to inspire everyone to develop their own style aesthetic and celebrate their individuality through an appreciation for the art of fashion. Besides being a fashion enthusiast, I am also a science nerd. I double majored in Molecular Biology and Kinesiology and received my Bachelor of Science in December of 2014. Currently, I’m an MD candidate in medical school. This may, or may not be the cause of my sporadic posting habits, hehehe.


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