Last Weekend and Maei Jewelry

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This was me frolicking around on 4th of July last weekend. Hahahaha. I’m sorry this is so late! I’ve been busy with a new job and preparing for my first semester in medical school this fall!!! Anyway, super excited to introduce you all to MAEI Jewelry. MAEI Jewelry is inspired by folk art from different countries. Currently, their pieces display snippets of Indian Rangoli paintings and each piece is hand painted on carefully crafted wood. I just love the artistic intricacy that is invested into their work.


The earrings I’m wearing above are available here, and the beautiful bracelet with blue flowers is available here.

I am obsessed with this cape, it can be purchased here for $24.64

My white platform heels are available here for $15.58

My dress is from Express, it’s a few years old

The silver and pink charmed bracelet is from Pandora and the crystal bracelet it’s stacked with is from Korea. Gucci ring was gifted to me by my mominlaw, she has one also heeheee. All my other rings except for my wedding rings are from Korea. The bulky pearl and gold chain bracelet is actually a necklace from Walmart!

Head on over to to explore their collections! Shipping to the US took less than a week! They are also on Facebook, Instagram (@maei_nl), Pinterest, and Twitter❤



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