Mastering The 90’s Bra Over Shirt Trend Like a Boss





The 90’s are coming back at us full swing! I am super excited about this because I have been wearing over the knee socks like a freak since elementary school and now everybody else is as well!

Anyway, here’s how to master the bra over shirt trend like a boss

1) Do not actually wear your bra on the outside. HAHAHHAHAA. Duhhhh….I just had to include this for shits and giggles. A bralette, like the hellurrr <$5 one I’m wearing above, is an excellent choice. Or, be even more interesting and wear laced, caged, velvet, leather, etc. type of bralettes.

2) You can throw a plain tight slightly cropped tee beneath the bralette and be a basic bitch, or you can be a boss like me and wear a fabulously fascinating blouse like the one I am wearing above. Bell sleeved, embellished, structured shoulder, peplum, embroidered, the more bells and whistles, the merrier.

3) Throw on a waist belt to accentuate your waist. I have a boyish figure so adding little accents like this really polish my outfit and make me look more feminine. But a waist belt is really flattering on any body type!

Get my look:

Black bralette | $4.68

White blouse (similar) | $17.48 

White lace shorts (similar) | $12.22 

 Nude stockings (2 pack) | $10.27

*Yes ladies I am wearing 2 nude stockings here and this is KEY to your happiness*

Faux fur coat (similar) | $21.99

Faux suede OTK boots (similar)| $36.26

Furry gloves | $3.88

KENDALL + KYLIE - Ayla 2 (Black Suede) Women's Shoes

KENDALL + KYLIE – Ayla 2 (Black Suede) | $225.00

Stuart Weitzman - Highland (Black Suede) Women's Dress Pull-on Boots

Stuart Weitzman – Highland (Black Suede) | $548.99

Steve Madden - Emotions (Black) Women's Boots

Steve Madden – Emotions (Black) | $69.99

Also, sorry about the weird freaking shadows on my face, it is all because of the winter inversion and excessive COPD exacerbations

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Cape Fashion





Wow, I haven’t updated my blog in a while! Sorry guys!

If you’d like to keep up with my daily fashion, follow me on instagram: @fashioncomposium

Third semester of medical school down, and just 5 more to go..woohooo!

Those of you that have been following me for a while probably know that I really like capes! It makes a woman look really sleek and put together.

This particular cape was really cheap, and the quality really impressed me, I’m in love with it.

I don’t have links for everything but I’ll link what I can below!

*discount alert! Aliexpress gives a small discount when you shop on their app*

Android app

Apple app

Also, just to clarify…Aliexpress does not pay me ANYTHING. They really should though right?! hahhaa, so don’t feel pressured to use my exact links! These are just copy and pasted from my order history!

Get my look

Olive green cape | $19.99

Fishnet stockings | $1.76

Nude stockings (2 pack) | $10.27

Turtleneck crop top | $5.64

Corset belt | $11.29

Mesh booties (similar, mine are from EGO but they’re sold out now)| $59.99

Happy holidays everyone!

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Black Lace and my #AliexpressBlogger video

forage edited-027

forage edited-6

These are only $18.80…linked below!

forage edited-346

forage edited 1-856

forage edited 1-398

This gorgeous dress is under $20 people!!! It’s sheer, so I’m wearing a black lace bra I bought from Walmart like 5 yrs ago hahhaa, and black pleather booty shorts I got a while ago on Aliexpress.

I decided to enter the #AliExpressBlogger global challenge. They are looking for their first official blogger. My video entry can be found below…So they sent me an email at 1 am congratulating me and notifying me that I was chosen to proceed and compete in round 1 of the contest. Of course I was sleeping at this point…anyway, 2 hours later they sent me another email saying I took too long to respond and they had to choose another contestant to replace me. *…crickets…* … WHAAATTT!?!?!?!? Nooooooooooo

Here’s a snippet of my inbox:


I am heart broken!!! Waaaahhhhhhh

Anyway, I blew up their facebook inbox and email, so maybe they’ll reinsert me into their competition…bahhahaa.

Black Lace dress | $17.48

Black Lace Up Heels | $18.80

Black Choker | $1.37

18K Gold Plated Quartz Pendant Necklace | $1.65


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Billowy Greatness


Fashion Composium1 - 7

Fashion Composium1 - 4

Fashion Composium1 - 3
Hi all! It’s been a while. I just finished my first year of medical school…Hallelujah! I’m excited summer is here and am planning on doing some traveling. Woohoo!

Anyway, I recently discovered they have the cutest items at affordable prices with a lot of user reviews, and there’s free shipping! Make sure to check out their sale section! The pink accordian pleated skirt I’m wearing above is from there. I also recently bought a couple pairs of jeans, I’ll do outfit posts with them soon.

I’ve worn a lot of these pieces before, I’ll link what I can!

Pink Accordian Pleated Skirt | $26.99

Turtleneck Crop Top | $6.99

Black Lace Up Heels | $18.80

Jord Wood Watch | $199.00

Maei White Beaded Bracelet | €30.25

Siammpatra Boho Black Cuff | $79

SheIn -Your Online Fashion Print Dress