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I am OBSESSED with my new SiammPatra bracelet!!! All of their intricate bracelets are handcrafted with impeccable quality. These bracelets are investment pieces and will last you for many many years to come. My Boho-black bracelet features a mega-strong magnetic snap closure that can survive an entire night of my aggressive nightclub dance moves–which is an incredible feat! Hahaha. Anita, the adorable creative mind behind these wrist parties also writes for the SiammPatra blog. She is a fashion maximalist and I concur, she is my style sister from another mister.

SiammPatra is currently having an amazing sale:
I’m sure you will fall in love with Anita’s designs as much as I have ❤

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You’ve seen my Prada sunnies on me like everyday, and are probably getting tired of them hehehe. My fabulously gaudy purple heels are three years old and from Bakers Shoes. I wore the gold fringe necklace in this post and my tiger crop top in this post. I found this cape for $24.64…you’re welcome, lol! The skirt I’m wearing is actually from a dress that I cut in half and sewed into a top and skirt. I did that because I did not like the waist line of the dress. The dress is $23.40, for those of you that are interested. Also, don’t forget to follow SiammPatra on Instagram! This is how my relationship with Anita blossomed. Have a great weekend!



Hi, I’m Youna. Fashion Composium is a personal fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog. This site is my creative outlet: a place to share my undeniably unique fashion sense, potentially helpful lifestyle tips, and top secret beauty practices *wink wink* My aim is to inspire everyone to develop their own style aesthetic and celebrate their individuality through an appreciation for the art of fashion. Besides being a fashion enthusiast, I am also a science nerd. I double majored in Molecular Biology and Kinesiology and received my Bachelor of Science in December of 2014. Currently, I’m an MD candidate in medical school. This may, or may not be the cause of my sporadic posting habits, hehehe.


  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love! you just look fab baby! Love all your combination here! You look beyond perfect! And you are so creative to cut off your dress and sew it as 2 pieces! Hope you enjoy the bracelet babe, that’s what matter to me the most. I love all photos here! Sooooooochic! xoxo

    Have a wonderful Friday and Weekend babe. Sending you love from NY.


    • Heehehee, I’m not very good at sewing but I do like fixing things, which is why I bust out my sewing machine sometimes. Thank you so much for your compliments and the drool worthy arm candy!!!

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