Let’s talk planners

I have always been obsessed with planners! So I am very excited about publishing my first post dedicated to this topic. I remember buying my first planner when I was in Korea the summer before first grade started. My spelling wasn’t all that great, in fact I distinctly remember writing out the word “so” a lot, but I would spell it as “sow” LOL–despite my literary issues, I made very grand plans in that thing! I wanted to be just like my mom…she always had her Franklin Covey planner on her and was scribbling and doodling in it all the time.

Fast forward a couple decades and I still get giddy every new year when I need to buy a pretty planner!

For 2016-2017 I used the I am very busy hard cover agenda by Ban.do and I absolutely loved it! Each page (1 side) fits your agenda for a few days and a whole week fits in 2 pages. The space allotted for weekdays are larger than the weekend spaces. And, it comes with stickers, cute doodles, and random funny quotes. It’s on sale right now for $11.98 with free shipping!

I am linking below my favorite 2018 planners below for you all. I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

*this is a journal







Also…I cannot live without these pens! They’re the best.

Here are some cute journals I found…for those of you interested!



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