Black Lace and my #AliexpressBlogger video

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These are only $18.80…linked below!

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This gorgeous dress is under $20 people!!! It’s sheer, so I’m wearing a black lace bra I bought from Walmart like 5 yrs ago hahhaa, and black pleather booty shorts I got a while ago on Aliexpress.

I decided to enter the #AliExpressBlogger global challenge. They are looking for their first official blogger. My video entry can be found below…So they sent me an email at 1 am congratulating me and notifying me that I was chosen to proceed and compete in round 1 of the contest. Of course I was sleeping at this point…anyway, 2 hours later they sent me another email saying I took too long to respond and they had to choose another contestant to replace me. *…crickets…* … WHAAATTT!?!?!?!? Nooooooooooo

Here’s a snippet of my inbox:


I am heart broken!!! Waaaahhhhhhh

Anyway, I blew up their facebook inbox and email, so maybe they’ll reinsert me into their competition…bahhahaa.

Black Lace dress | $17.48

Black Lace Up Heels | $18.80

Black Choker | $1.37

18K Gold Plated Quartz Pendant Necklace | $1.65


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