Coachella look | music festival fashion

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fashion composium 9 - 087Black Marilyn Frame Bralette | $4.80

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fashion composium 9 - 095Platform Lace Up Ankle Boots | $34.62

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Music festival fashion is rapidly crystallizing into a style genre of its own. It’s a culmination of boho, street, rock, and rebel fabulousness. Such a multifaceted genre can become hectic–leaving you looking like a confused whimsical bikini-clad goth.  Thus, it is important to not get carried away and make sure your entire outfit comes together as a whole. Every successful music festival outfit I’ve seen seems to exude a sense of effortlessness. This is what I attempted to mimic by topping my look with a Ralph Lauren plaid shirt (old) tied around my waist and my Trukfit hat, (which I got in Korea for $5, I’m sorry Lil Wayne, I don’t think they bought it from you)!!!

Why do my boobs look larger than usual??? Well, I am wearing my favorite push up backless silicone bra, available on amazon. It’s only $6.30 and I’ve been using these for YEARS. When the stickiness runs out, I slap on some durable lingerie tape and it’s good to go hahhahaa.

I found this awesome Marilyn frame bralette for $4.80 here!!! Warning: it took almost a month for me to receive it -_-;

My fringed cross body purse is from Steve Madden and was purchased a few years ago. My boho striped bandeau crop tank hybrid is also old and from a small boutique in Las Vegas. I couldn’t find anything similar online…sorry! But, my awesome platform boots are still available and can be purchased here.