Harmony in contradiction


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I usually gravitate towards looks that aren’t purely uniform. I think it has something to do with the persistent rebel in me. Hehehe. I enjoy finding harmony in outfits consisting of antithetical pieces. Today’s look, with this girly embroidered floral  A-line dress and these spiky punked out boots is a simple example of how I find harmony in contradiction.

Why am I so poetic today?!? IDK.

Acrylic statement necklace | $7.09 

White dress | $17.38

Spiky (genuine) leather ankle boots | $65.98

These 3 items are from Aliexpress. They’ll take a couple weeks to arrive, but that’s what happens when you buy things from China! I made my very first purchase with them in 2011 and have been shopping there ever since!

Happy Monday!!!


Vintage Pleated One Piece


 JJF ankle boots (amazon link) | Vintage dress (similar here) | Prada Sunglasses (here)



 I got this adorable crystal strassed purse for Christmas a few years ago ❤





My mom was pretty depressed when she gave me this gorgeous vintage dress. She absolutely loved it, but realized she wouldn’t be able to fit into it again. She bought it from Korea over 30 years ago! I love the femininity of the bow and sheer sleeves. And, the structured shoulder gives the dress an air of sophistication *hair flip*

I’m wearing the same sunglasses and boots I wore in my Boyfriend Coat post, they’re high, but so comfortable (link to booties!) The Chanel pearl drop earrings are old, and I couldn’t find a link to them anywhere. However, I searched EVERYWHERE and finally found a similar dress to the one I’m wearing, it’s on sale for $21.00!

fashioncomposium post romweLink to dress: here


Blush Oversized Coat













Happy Hump day all! I found this men’s wear inspired oversized coat from Forever 21! They’re having a BOGO free sale right now so it came out to $17.50, with another coat I purchased! *twirly twirl*

Link to the BOGO sale and coat: here

I’m wearing Dolce & Gabbana skinny fit jeans in white, available here

My lace blouse, navy cross body, and platform leather booties (also worn here in Venice) are from Korea.

Why am I wearing open toe heels in the snow?! Because the platforms are high enough, haha.

I was gifted the adorable little pearl Chanel earrings over 10 years ago…they still look new!

And now, to close with a fashionably insightful quote from one of the most creative women of all time — “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

-Coco Chanel