Nude Stockings aren’t Only for Grandmas with Vericose Veins

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I live in Utah and the winters here seem to last forever! Despite the frigid weather conditions, I wear booty shorts, short skirts, and whatever the hell I want, thanks to my extensive supply of nude stockings. hehehe. The exact pair I’m wearing above was purchased from Amazon, in soft beige. It’s very important to buy a pair that resembles your skin tone to a T. I usually steer away from wearing nude pantyhose with open toe heels, but sometimes I falter *shrugs* I just tuck that conspicuous seam under my foot so it’s not visible.

I purchased my ruffly blouse and lace ruffled shorts from Korea. I don’t want to rub it in your face but they were $10 each!!! And, impeccably made.

If any of you ever get to go to Seoul, Korea make sure you stop by the Dongdaemun shopping district. I bought so many beautiful items from the boutique H. Story on the 2nd floor of the Migliore building. I went in the beginning of August and the designer needed to clear up her store to bring in her Fall collection items. She sold me 21 items each at $10. I had the freaking time of my life in there!!!

Gladiator heels aren’t available online but here’s a similar pair from DSW for $24.95.

I wore the handmade croc skin purse in a previous post, also purchased in Korea.

My navy blazer and blush coat were found on Forever 21’s clearance rack!



How to Rock the Wide Leg Pants Trend

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I think a lot of woman are a little intimidated by the wide leg pants trend. But, it is quickly becoming a staple piece in every girl’s closet. This 70’s inspired trend is actually very versatile and can be paired with a plain tee, or a structured blouse, or a crop top, etc. I chose to wear it with a simple bandeau today, which normally has a straight neckline but I bunched the center together with a safety pin to make a sweetheart neckline. hehe.

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How to Rock the Wide Leg Pants Trend:

1. Pick out a pair of wide leg pants with a modest flair– not too slim and not too wide. The extremely billowy wide leg pants Kourtney Kardashian is sporting swallows up her petite frame and is very unflattering. She already has an extreme amount of synthetic volume in her chestal region and the added volume from her pants results in one big voluminous mess. I love you Kourtney but it’s extremely difficult for a short woman to pull off such a large degree of pant-horizontal-spread. fashioncomposiumck

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2. Get your pants tailored. Most dry cleaners have a seamstress, and it usually doesn’t cost that much to have them adjust the length of your pants for you. Mine cost $5. Wearing an ill-fitting piece adulterates your entire look and makes you look less put together.

3. Wear it with a great pair of heels. If you opt to wear flats, and you’re not a lanky beanpole glamazon, chances are you will look like a corpulent mushroom transplanting itself throughout town all day. I found my metallic heels on the nine west clearance rack for $15!

4. Wear at least one enticing piece with your wide leg pants. My items of enticement are the sweetheart bandeau and the beautiful lace kimono I scored for $10 in Korea. Your enticing piece could also be a statement necklace, a structured peplum or off shoulder top, an embellished clutch… ANYTHING that’s a pop of WOW.

5. Wear your look with confidence! *hair flip* I say this half giggling because I’m the biggest introvert and a bit shy with strangers. But, I do know how to quietly own my look and I advise you all to quietly or loudly do the same.

Also, I just joined Bloglovin! I’m kind of a sloth when it comes to social media. Anyway, it’s a fun lil platform I just discovered (that 20 million other users found before me!) It allows you to follow all of your favorite blogs and keep them organized. You can download the android app here and the apple app here. Follow my blog with Bloglovin.



Beating the Heat in Turkey











I visited the remains of ancient Ephesus, Turkey. It housed one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Temple of Artemis. It was so fun getting up close and personal with these amazing artifacts. The heat dictated my comfortable & casual  outfit. I’m wearing a skater skirt from LuLu*s and a tribal print bandeau from Forever 21’s clearance rack ($5)! My fringed leather cross body and gold embellished sandals are from Steve Madden. My Chanel necklace and Pandora bracelet were gifted. I hope everyone’s enjoying the summer sun as much as I am!


Platform Sneakers






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The weather is finally warming up here. I found these super comfy platform sneakers on Foreign Exchange’s online clearance section for $5! I’m wearing a sea foam lace dress from their site also. My sweater is from Forever 21 ($5 clearance)! And, I’m wearing a white leather tote from Michael Kors with cute tassels. Accessorized this look with my husband’s aviators and some gorgeous crystal gold tassel earrings from a local boutique.