How to Get Rid of Oily Hair in Less Than a Minute



I use dry shampoo because I have thin asian hair and it gets oily  and flat really quick. Also, some mornings I look nappy, but don’t have time to shower, hahaha.  Anyway, many dermatologists and hairstylists advocate shampooing less, claiming that over washing your hair leads to unhealthy and breakage-prone locks. I swear by batiste dry shampoo, and so do thousands of other girls. I used to use Lush cosmetic’s No Drought dry shampoo, but the application process is very messy and it would look like dandruff in my hair!

The batiste dry shampoo with a hint of color blends in perfectly with my roots. It comes in three different shades. It’s an aerosolized starch formula that absorbs excess oils — extending and volumizing your hairdo. It has been LIFE CHANGING.

I’ve searched everywhere and amazon sells it for the cheapest at $7.30 — link here.

Do you have a specific dry shampoo you swear by? Or, are there other products you think are better than this one?!

Comment and let me know, my beauty regime is always changing!

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