A Touch of Fringe

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Hi all! Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. During the past couple of months, I was contemplating whether or not I should continue blogging…but, TADA! Here I am.

The chiffon kimono I’m wearing was gifted by Agnes & Dora which they were selling for $10 at their warehouse sale! Their instagram handle is @agnesanddora  if you all want to keep up to date with their events. My grey top is from Nordstrom Rack , they don’t carry this particular design anymore though. Also, I stuck mine in the dryer and it has transformed into a teeny-tiny crop top. My denim cutoffs are an old favorite from Dolce & Gabbana, not available online.

Statement necklace | $7.31

Wool hat (similar) | $7.59

Embellished ankle boots | $65.98

JJ Winters Vanessa Messenger purse| $385.00

MAEI hand painted beaded bracelet | €30.25

Isn’t the JJ Winters fringy piece gorgeous?! My mominlaw gifted it to me, and it’s my new favorite purse! Have a wonderful Monday!


Fringe in Athens


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In middle school, Greek mythology was my favorite subject and this visit reminded me why. I was ecstatic to visit the restored remains of the Acropolis of Athens, an ancient fortress that once protected the city of Athens, Greece. I barely noticed the relentless sun burning the top of my scalp because I was too busy staring at the intricate masterpieces in front of me (gawking with my mouth open and everything). I packed lightly for my ~60 day summer trip so I brought along pieces I don’t mind recycling within a short time frame. My lengthy fringed crop top is from Hottie in Las Vegas. And, my dark teal bandage mini is from Nasty Gal. My clay subtly bejeweled sandals are from Shoe Carnival, they had a BOGO sale so they ended up being $10! Glasses are from previous posts and my fringe leather purse is Steve Madden. I’ll try to make an outfit post for every place I travel to this summer!