Lace on Velvet

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Even though the end of fall is approaching, it’s still quite warm! Regardless, velvet is very appropriate for this type of weather. As the temperature decreases, texture mixing opportunities increase <– A fashion law I have just established haha.

Here I decided to play with velvet and lace. I’m linking you guys to these beautiful chrome double pearl earrings that I purchased for 45 cents, yes….45 cents! Hahaa. The velvet dress and plain white crop top I’m wearing over it are old H&M pieces. The lace crop top is from a top + skirt set I’m linking below. I’ve had these punked out ankle boots on repeat lately, they’re so comfortable! Prada sunnies and crocodile skin purse have been worn in previous posts.

Statement necklace | $7.31

Chrome double pearl earrings | $0.45

Embellished ankle boots | $65.98

Siammpatra bracelet | $149

Lace crop top + skirt set | $11.09

Velvet dress (similar) | $12.99




Tie-Dye, Sparkles, & the Eiffel Tower








 Disney princesses on the sidewalk ^.^



The Eiffel Tower is also beautiful at night! After the tower illuminates a magnificent gold, the sparkling light show occurs every hour on the hour for about 5 minutes until 1am. I love it. My white crop top is from H&M ($4) ,the tye-dye maxi is from a small boutique in Venice (€10), the Louis Vuitton purse is worn here, and the leather nude booties were also worn here .

I hope everyone is surviving through the winter cold fashionably! My next post will showcase my first winter look. I’m in Utah right now, and snow has only recently begun to fall .



Getting Lost in Venice









I discovered that Venice is laden with many alleys that lead to the side of a building, or a small body of water. It was very frustrating for a directionally challenged individual like myself to get around without a guide aka my husband lol. Fortunately, a cute little boutique (where everything was 10 €) was located right next to our apartment. Thus, I ventured into that shop all by myself, hehe. I found these exceptionally comfortable nude parachute pants there. My navy tube top and braided headband are from H&M. I’m wearing a gold spiked necklace I found online (from China ofc)! I wore the booties and purse in this post.