A Touch of Fringe

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Hi all! Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. During the past couple of months, I was contemplating whether or not I should continue blogging…but, TADA! Here I am.

The chiffon kimono I’m wearing was gifted by Agnes & Dora which they were selling for $10 at their warehouse sale! Their instagram handle is @agnesanddora  if you all want to keep up to date with their events. My grey top is from Nordstrom Rack , they don’t carry this particular design anymore though. Also, I stuck mine in the dryer and it has transformed into a teeny-tiny crop top. My denim cutoffs are an old favorite from Dolce & Gabbana, not available online.

Statement necklace | $7.31

Wool hat (similar) | $7.59

Embellished ankle boots | $65.98

JJ Winters Vanessa Messenger purse| $385.00

MAEI hand painted beaded bracelet | €30.25

Isn’t the JJ Winters fringy piece gorgeous?! My mominlaw gifted it to me, and it’s my new favorite purse! Have a wonderful Monday!


When You Ate Too Much But Wanna Wear A Crop Top

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 Throw a silk robe on, or a lightweight outerwear piece! It’ll cover some of that side bulge, hahaha. Which is exactly what I do…ALL THE TIME.

This robe was gifted to me a few years ago by my mominlaw, she said it’s older than my husband–which means it’s officially vintage! Baahahaaa. I linked the ends of my Zara necklace to a bracelet to make it hang low. Linking some amazing finds below for you all!

Wool hat (similar) | $7.59

Cross back push up bra | $4.98

Sports bra (my top) | $4.17

Kimono (similar) | $7.24

Statement necklace (similar) | $10.98

Bandage skirt (similar) | $12.87

Gladiator heels (similar) | $32.97