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This Cease and Desist extendo tee by HBA (Hood By Air) was a gift for my hubby. It’s mine now though. I’m a serious Kpop fan and have noticed many of those scrawny individuals sporting HBA attire. Thus, I decided to give it a try, and I love it!!! I’m wearing a layered fringe necklace from Macy’s (old) it was on sale for $8, Chanel necklace was gifted to me by my sis-in-law. Flashy heels are inspired by Giuseppe Zanotti’s fire wing sandals design. Gold illusion tunnel earrings were also worn in my last post. Finished this look with my usual DSquared2 sunglasses.

I found this beautiful Einstein wall art right on my block and stumbled upon this playful quote from the genius,

“imagination is more important than knowledge.”

He had to have been quite the imaginer to derive his infamous energy equation with the mass of a photon as a variable. Which served to support his dual wave-particle theory of light, the photoelectric effect –> his Nobel prize in Physics in 1921!

How does this tie in with my blog post? I don’t know. But, I’m a convoluted person so your fault for reading this far. Aahahaa.