Wining & Dining in Sicily



IMG_2805The winery served amazing food!

IMG_2773The beautiful vineyard behind me


IMG_2749Typical hobo behavior

IMG_2727The narrowest alley in Sicily


I really enjoyed Sicily.  I’m an island girl and it exuded a familiar urbanized tropical vibe that I’ve grown to love. We got to visit a family owned winery that served the type of Italian food Macaroni Grill doesn’t. Uhehe. Our tour guide talked a lot about Sicily and gave us many details about the rich history the island harbors. I was asleep or not listening most of the time but I’m sure it was interesting!

My cutout tee is from one of the many little stores located in the Gangnam subway station (Seoul, Korea). My super comfy highwaisted jeans are from here. My accessories are all from previous posts in my travel diaries. I had to pack lightly for my extravagant extended vacation >.<