Getting Lost in Venice









I discovered that Venice is laden with many alleys that lead to the side of a building, or a small body of water. It was very frustrating for a directionally challenged individual like myself to get around without a guide aka my husband lol. Fortunately, a cute little boutique (where everything was 10 €) was located right next to our apartment. Thus, I ventured into that shop all by myself, hehe. I found these exceptionally comfortable nude parachute pants there. My navy tube top and braided headband are from H&M. I’m wearing a gold spiked necklace I found online (from China ofc)! I wore the booties and purse in this post.


Venice & My Favorite High Waisted Jeans







IMG_3088The Rialto Bridge at night


St. Mark’s Square at night, where I had the pleasure of listening to several talented string quartets!

Venice was exactly as I imagined! A picturesque and dreamy little city sitting atop the Venetian Lagoon with hundreds of beautiful little bridges and canals. The creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini, once said “Venice never quite seems real, but rather an ornate film set suspended on the water,” I concur. We rented a little apartment located right next to St. Mark’s Square. Every little building I ran into was crafted with beautiful artistry. I’m in love with Venetian Gothic architecture and wanted to snap a picture everywhere I went!

I’m wearing my favorite pair of high waisted jeans, the American Apparel Easy Jean. I’m guilty of owning 3 pairs..hahaha. I wore this jacket in this post and this travel-practical purse in all my Travel Diaries posts thus far. My crop top is from H&M, and my tye dye scarf is from Forever 21. My nude leather booties are from Korea, in the Hongde shopping area.