The Asian That Haggled at Target and Won









My hubby was very excited when he found this bulldozer, he pulled a U turn while he was driving and told me he had found “the place” to take photos of me. I tried really hard not to laugh as he takes his work very seriously. He kept on barking at me to “interact with the bulldozer”! He forgets I consider myself an awkward BBW (big beautiful woman) and not a model. Baahahaaaa.

On to the relevance of the title. I found the cute ankle boots I’m wearing in the clearance section at target for $24.99. They only had one left in my size and it had a scuff on it that really bothered me. So, I informed the cashier about it. He offered a 10% discount. I politely declined and said the best I could do was $18. He accepted and that is how I am now the glorious Asian that haggled at Target and won.

I got this stretch jersey tank for $3.53, here, (including shipping) and I am in LOVE with it. I just bought 2 more!!!

fashion composium tank


I bought my color block over the knee socks here. They were too tight for my thighs at the top so I cut off the elastic band and they fit fine now, lol.

The Gucci shoulder bag is vintage and I wore it in the previous post.

I bought the fringe necklace from Macy’s a long time ago, but here’s a very similar version.

Dior glasses are old similar here.

The Parka is St. John.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend ❤


Vintage Pleated One Piece


 JJF ankle boots (amazon link) | Vintage dress (similar here) | Prada Sunglasses (here)



 I got this adorable crystal strassed purse for Christmas a few years ago ❤





My mom was pretty depressed when she gave me this gorgeous vintage dress. She absolutely loved it, but realized she wouldn’t be able to fit into it again. She bought it from Korea over 30 years ago! I love the femininity of the bow and sheer sleeves. And, the structured shoulder gives the dress an air of sophistication *hair flip*

I’m wearing the same sunglasses and boots I wore in my Boyfriend Coat post, they’re high, but so comfortable (link to booties!) The Chanel pearl drop earrings are old, and I couldn’t find a link to them anywhere. However, I searched EVERYWHERE and finally found a similar dress to the one I’m wearing, it’s on sale for $21.00!

fashioncomposium post romweLink to dress: here