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Happy New Years everyone! Finally, it started snowing pretty heavily in Utah. Maybe it’s because I’m an island girl, but I just love how the snow overlays a glistening white blanket of plush powder everywhere! This is my first official winter post, so I am very excited about it. My little sister chose this cute little spot behind a hotel we stayed at for several months because our apartment’s pipes exploded from water’s fascinating expanding behavior upon freezing, hahahhaa.

The boyfriend coat is trending this season. This one is made by Mixxo (a Korean brand); my burgundy mink cuff gloves, statement necklace, and garter stockings are also from Korea. I’m wearing a dark teal velvet dress from H&M and layered over it with a white button-down collared shirt and cashmere sweater, both by Calvin Klein. The cashmere sweater was my husband’s but he stuck it in the dryer and it shrank down to size Youna. *happy dance* I  found these blinging angel wing earrings (link to earrings) and velvet platform ankle booties on amazon (link to booties)! This classic Chanel flap bag in quilted lamb skin is available here and my Prada sunglasses are are available here.

What are your 2015 New Year’s resolutions?! One of mine is to be healthier via going to the gym more often. I’ll put my kinesiology aka exercise science degree to use and make a post about my gym routine in the near future!

Warning: I lift a maximum of 2.5 lb weights and am all about the toning.




Hi, I’m Youna. Fashion Composium is a personal fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog. This site is my creative outlet: a place to share my undeniably unique fashion sense, potentially helpful lifestyle tips, and top secret beauty practices *wink wink* My aim is to inspire everyone to develop their own style aesthetic and celebrate their individuality through an appreciation for the art of fashion. Besides being a fashion enthusiast, I am also a science nerd. I double majored in Molecular Biology and Kinesiology and received my Bachelor of Science in December of 2014. Currently, I’m an MD candidate in medical school. This may, or may not be the cause of my sporadic posting habits, hehehe.

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