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I have always been a pretty aggressive bargain hunter. It’s in my blood. My mom educated me about this complex trade from a very young age and I continue to flourish. Hahaha.

I came across the Alibaba website, the wholesale version of Aliexpress.com in 2011, when I was trolling the internet looking for the cheapest online supplier of 200 ostrich feathers. I swear I’m not crazy! It was for my wedding centerpieces…hehehe. And I’ve been a customer ever since!

Overall, I am a very satisfied customer. But, a recurring problem I’ve encountered with this site is that the product I receive differs from what is advertised! This has happened to me only a handful of times and I have made over 150 orders on the site. Take these platform boots I’m wearing above, I eagerly waited 3 weeks in anticipation for the arrival of these amazing platform boots for $25.39 (link here). I received a pair of boots 1.5 in shorter than advertised with a shiny grainy leather and an extremely rounded toe.

I was angry at first. But, they are actually very comfortable and kind of cute. So, I will keep them. I will do a more detailed review of Aliexpress.com in a later post.

My grey dress is from the Forever 21 clearance rack ($5)!

The Gucci shoulder bag is vintage

The incredible statement necklace is an old Zara piece I got from ebay

Gold hair cuff is available here

I wore the illusion tunnel earrings in last year’s favorite sneaker wedges post

This is my second post wearing this H&M crop top ($4! also worn here)

My leather jacket around my waist is old and from Arden b.

If you haven’t noticed by now I am a sunglass hoarder, I don’t even know how many I own. I also steal all of my husband’s sunglasses who also happens to hoard sunglasses. With our powers combined we have an impressive collection…muahahaa. The ones I’m wearing are Dior, they’re old but here’s a similar pair sold on Amazon.



Hi, I’m Youna. Fashion Composium is a personal fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog. This site is my creative outlet: a place to share my undeniably unique fashion sense, potentially helpful lifestyle tips, and top secret beauty practices *wink wink* My aim is to inspire everyone to develop their own style aesthetic and celebrate their individuality through an appreciation for the art of fashion. Besides being a fashion enthusiast, I am also a science nerd. I double majored in Molecular Biology and Kinesiology and received my Bachelor of Science in December of 2014. Currently, I’m an MD candidate in medical school. This may, or may not be the cause of my sporadic posting habits, hehehe.


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